Three post-80s young man from Jieyang, with a guitar, set out on a journey abroad

2022-12-14 16:49

Three young men from Jieyang, Guangdong, who started their own business in their hometown, went from selling guitars online to running a guitar factory. After many twists and turns, they were unable to produce a satisfactory product. They painfully destroyed their first batch of products, but preserved the reputation of their factory and eventually sold their products to many countries around the world.

The three young entrepreneurs Wu Mingyong, Liu Canbo, and Liu Yujun started selling guitars online in their hometown of Fenshui Village in Jieyang's Yuhu Town in 2012. However, due to the lack of a stable source of supply, they started their own guitar factory in 2014. Due to their lack of experience, the first batch of products had poor quality and high costs. In the end, the three partners decided to destroy more than 300 subpar guitars. However, this decision put the factory in a difficult position.

Jieyang Fante Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. Production Manager Liu Canbo said,

"It was very hard. At that time, we went everywhere looking for bosses, relatives, and friends to borrow money. It was super difficult. "

While borrowing money to maintain operations, they also tried to improve their production process. They hired a technical expert in guitar making and the three of them also learned how to make guitars.

Jieyang Fante Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. Production Manager Liu Canbo said,

"We often discussed until one or two in the morning, sometimes even until two or three in the morning, about how to improve this guitar and how to make it good. The company had no money at all, so we didn't discuss money, otherwise we would break up."

After a year of hard work and exploration, the factory's guitars improved with each batch and became increasingly popular in the market.

Jieyang Fante Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. Production Manager Liu Canbo said, 

"When we destroyed the first batch, we had the determination to make it work, and we knew that if others could do it, we could too. The more we made, the better they became, and slowly we regained our confidence."

The improvement in the production process and capacity of the guitar factory has led to the creation of jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities for surrounding villagers. At its peak, hundreds of online shops in nearby rural areas such as Fenshui and Yulian were selling guitars produced by Fante Company. However, due to the fluctuating demand in the domestic guitar market, the factory soon faced new challenges.

Jieyang Fante Company's President Wu Mingyong said, 

"During the holiday season, demand is high and it is difficult to match or meet production. We can do some inventory, but this also poses a problem because the more inventory you have, the higher the capital requirements."

The three partners decided to order from the international market in order to balance the supply and demand contradictions throughout the year. In October 2018, they took their products to the Shanghai Music Exhibition.

Jieyang Fante Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. Chairman Wu Mingyong said, 

"The booth needs to be selected by location, and the good location will definitely be very expensive. We didn't know how to save money at the beginning, we just wanted to save money. At that time, money had to be spent on the cutting edge. It is very difficult for customers to walk to our place."

The first time attending the exhibition was not ideal and failed to secure orders on site. To their surprise, a month later, an agent came to their door wanting to order a batch of guitars to be sent to India.

Jieyang Fante Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. Procurement Manager Liu Yujun said, 

"We were very, very happy, because we were going to take our own products abroad."

Jieyang Fante Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. Production Manager Liu Canbo said, 

"We used to do e-commerce, selling hundreds of guitars at a time, and we never loaded a container before. It felt very proud to load a container and go abroad."

Jieyang Fante Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. Chairman Wu Mingyong said, 

"We revolved around this order all day, working harder than the workers, and even loading the goods ourselves. Its biggest significance is to break through, and we can also involve in import and export business."

When they tasted the sweetness of exporting their products, the company has also increased its business investment in recent years, building platforms and developing sales channels. Now, their products range from ukuleles to folk guitars, from 21-inch to 41-inch, and the variety is becoming more and more rich. Their guitars are now sold in dozens of countries and regions around the world. Looking back on the past decade of entrepreneurship, these young man are all full of emotion!

Jieyang Fante Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. Production Manager Liu Canbo said, 

"Looking back, I am very grateful that a few people persevered at the beginning."

Jieyang Fante Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. Chairman Wu Mingyong said, 

"When you encounter difficulties and you can't solve them well, you will have that desperate thought, but after you solve them well, you can actually see a better dawn."

In the new era of chasing dreams and opening up new horizons, we have deeply understood the stories of these three young entrepreneurs over the past two days. In addition to admiring their courage and courage to dare to think and dare to break through, we are more touched by their spirit of not fearing setbacks and sticking to their reputation. We also look forward to more young entrepreneurs bravely building their dreams and achieving the future!

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