A Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA)


Step into the spotlight with Fante Guitar Manufacturer, where every strum sings the anthem of ethical craftsmanship.  

Our latest encore? 

The Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) compliance — a standing ovation in the global supply chain symphony.

But let's not just call it an audit. Imagine it as the most exclusive backstage pass, a passport to a world where every note is tuned to the frequency of moral harmony and social responsibility. By embracing the SMETA method, we're not just ticking boxes—we're rewriting the score for the future of ethical business conduct, harmonizing labor rights with environmental care, and infusing each chord with the essence of transparency and accountability.

fante guitar manufacturerthe Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit

Brand Integrity That Resonates: Our SMETA seal is the signature on our masterpiece, a promise that every Fante guitar echoes the sound of fairness and safety. It's a trust pact with you—our fans, partners, and players—that the music you make is backed by a chorus of ethical practices.

A Solo That Sets Us Apart: In a band of many, our SMETA approval is the solo that steals the show, giving us the edge in a competitive gig where being virtuous is the new trendsetter. It's our VIP pass, setting us apart in the green room of retailers and distributors who only jam with the best.


World Tour Ready: Our ethical access pass flings open the doors to arenas and venues worldwide, letting us jam with the big names who only want bands on their lineup that rock responsibly.

Backstage Efficiency: Securing SMETA isn't just about the applause; it's about the action. With our Corrective Action Plan Report as our setlist, we're tuning our operations to perfection, hitting high notes of efficiency that lower production costs and amp up performance.

fante guitar manufacturer

Harmony in the Ranks: A happy band is a hit band. At Fante, we're all about setting the stage for a workplace that rings with respect and safety, turning our crew into a family that plays together, stays together, and thrives together.

Investor Confidence That's Pitch Perfect: In the rhythm of finance, SMETA is the beat investors can't resist. It's the ESG rhythm that gets their heads nodding, potentially unlocking VIP financial deals and rockstar investments.

Legal Harmony: Our SMETA tune is in key with the regulatory rhythm, letting us cruise through a landscape of complex laws without missing a beat or facing the music of legal penalties.

Fante Guitar Manufacturer's SMETA approval isn't just a label on our guitars; it's the soul of our brand, a harmony that resounds with the values of today's conscious crowd. It's not just about surviving in the market; it's about thriving with a conscience. So, let's turn up the volume on responsible production because, with Fante, every guitar tells a story—of quality, care, and touched flair.

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